Todd Hall is the eldest of nine born and raised in Brownsville-Brooklyn, New York. Coming from four generations of preaching, Bible believing, praising and devil casting out relatives he shunned the idea of joining them. Little did he know that although his intentions were to be the “King of the Streets” that God was protecting His chosen vessel from jail, death and harm, all the while preserving him to be the fifth generation preacher and a “General of Salvation in the Kingdom.”

Since his salvation in 1983, his ministry has served three generations of leaders and stems as far back to when he was known as “The Barefoot Prophet” in the early 80’s. He believes that in order to continually lead changing generations that you must be “Transparent.” In sharing the truth about his journey of serving the Lord, he admits that he has looked back, thought back, and even was close to stepping back. But he has never turned back. Even in this 21st Century it is with all his ability that he fights to continue moving forward. Now after more than twenty-five (25) years in ministry, his skill to exegete scripture has helped to revive ministries, restore pastors, rebuild churches, and renew hope within the body of Christ.

Dr. Hall has earned a Doctorate in Theology (Th.D.) and has received several honorary degrees from various educational institutions, including the highest sacred honor, Doctor of Letters (DLitt).  He is internationally recognized as “The Praiseologist®” for his wisdom on the application of Praise and his remarkable skill to locate its valuable relevancy throughout the entire Bible.  He is extremely gifted in the closing delivery of his messages in song to bring the anointing of old back into the worship experience. One of his most notable strong suits is his ability to combine biblical truths that praise and worship is the intimate relationship between God and man.

Dr. Hall leads by example and lives the lifestyle of an extremely passionate praiser.  God is his heartbeat and praise is the vehicle and foundation by which he stands on the word and promises of God.  His faith and testimony in the power of praise are evident through the miraculous healing of God to overcome throat cancer, bells palsy, and a stroke.  It is through the power of God that preaches with one functioning vocal cord and has recovered from once being incapacitated by partial paralysis and facial disfigurement, blurred vision, and slurred speech.

He is a father of four children, author, talk show host, mentor, spiritual advisor, philanthropist, national prophetic voice, and world leader.

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